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City Ghosts

We have a number of songs on our new album that are based on real life events. City Ghosts is a song about a broken relationship between friends, then you don’t see that person anymore. Until one day when you bump into that person and you both startle like you’ve seen a ghost. That is your City Ghost. We all have them.

This drawing was done by Brooke, Tonya’s sister and our new bandmate!

These are the lyrics:

Aha . . . Aha . . .
We lost each other to this dark energy
It was a hallow look, a cold vibe.
It’s our broken chemistry.
Tall buildings, dim doorways
Both jump and slip away.
My thoughts race.
My heart beats.
I tremble and retreat.
Aha . . . Aha . . .
Stuck in between,
too engrossed.
Frightening each other,
like city ghosts.
We’re stuck in between,
too engrossed.
Frightening eac...
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New Bandmates

We have new bandmates! We have had a few members come and go over the last year or so, but now we have a couple of amazing ladies playing with us! What is so amazing about these women? Well, for one they didn’t play the instruments they play in the band before they started playing with us, but they loved our band and us so much they decided to learn the instruments and they are KILLING IT!

So who are these new members? One is Tonya Breaux’s little sister Brooke. The other member is Brooke’s wife, Rachel. Brooke plays the bass and Rachel plays the drums. We are having so much fun playing with them!

Here is Tonya teaching her sister Brooke the ropes

Here’s the whole crew: Rachel, Tonya, Brooke and Jen

We are almost done with our new album and cannot wait to release it! The CDs are being pr...

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Halloween Freak Out!

Tonight XMELT, StumbleBum, ViQueen and Rad Max are playing at the Twilight Cafe and Bar!

1420 SE Powell Blvd. Doors open at 8 pm – $7 admission – 21+.

XMELT has been pulling out the stops for this show. We’ve painted a backdrop for the stage. We’ve made costumes. We’ll even give you a little sneak peak of the happenings.

Here’s a batwing, shoulder pads and part of a bustier in mid-production. Our entire band is dressing up like another band. Can you guess the band we’re dressing up like? We are even doing a cover by this band. Hint: it’s an all-male metal band that our all-female band is covering.  You know you wanna see this!

Come by tonight! The more the scarier!

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XMELT At The Twilight Cafe & Bar!

XMELT is playing with Apology Calls

Tuesday, August 29th. Doors open at 8 pm.

The Twilight is located at 1420 SE Powell Blvd. $5 cover – 21 and over.

We are having so much fun playing together. You should see the scene! Tonya running around with her wireless guitar, Jen sing-screaming, Graye singing and holding down the bass and Tuesday hitting the drums so hard that she sometimes misses and leaves bruises on herself.

Here’s a video of us from right before our last show: IMG_2929

Hope to see you Tuesday night!

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XMELT Is Playing At EastBurn – Tonight!

We are playing tonight at 11 pm, with our Friends A Certain Smile, who play at 10 pm. We’ll literally be rocking the house at EastBurn Public House. 21 and over only, suggested donation: $5. If you’ve seen us before, come check out our new sound with our rad, new bass player! Her name is Melissa and she’s great!

The show tonight is for our new single called, “We Won’t Go Back!” which is a song we wrote in reaction to the 2016 election. It’s a political anthem song about not going back in time under the Trump administration.  Give it a listen here:

If you can’t make the show, but would like to purchase this song, you can do so here.

Otherwise, we hope to see you tonight!

Love and bruises,


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