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City Ghosts

We have a number of songs on our new album that are based on real life events. City Ghosts is a song about a broken relationship between friends, then you don’t see that person anymore. Until one day when you bump into that person and you both startle like you’ve seen a ghost. That is your City Ghost. We all have them.

This drawing was done by Brooke, Tonya’s sister and our new bandmate!

These are the lyrics:

Aha . . . Aha . . .
We lost each other to this dark energy
It was a hallow look, a cold vibe.
It’s our broken chemistry.
Tall buildings, dim doorways
Both jump and slip away.
My thoughts race.
My heart beats.
I tremble and retreat.
Aha . . . Aha . . .
Stuck in between,
too engrossed.
Frightening each other,
like city ghosts.
We’re stuck in between,
too engrossed.
Frightening eac...
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