New Bandmates

We have new bandmates! We have had a few members come and go over the last year or so, but now we have a couple of amazing ladies playing with us! What is so amazing about these women? Well, for one they didn’t play the instruments they play in the band before they started playing with us, but they loved our band and us so much they decided to learn the instruments and they are KILLING IT!

So who are these new members? One is Tonya Breaux’s little sister Brooke. The other member is Brooke’s wife, Rachel. Brooke plays the bass and Rachel plays the drums. We are having so much fun playing with them!

Here is Tonya teaching her sister Brooke the ropes

Here’s the whole crew: Rachel, Tonya, Brooke and Jen

We are almost done with our new album and cannot wait to release it! The CDs are being printed as we write this post! They will be completed in the next few days! Did we mention we have a show on December 1st at Misdemeanor Meadows with Stumble Bum? Come check it out!