Music, Bumps and Bruises

Yesterday we had band practice, which was hot, but totally fun, as always. We were pretty tired afterward so we went to sit in the grass, to talk and we took a few photos. Then Tuesday, our drummer (the redhead) suggested that we play some songs that we’d never played before acoustically.

So we started singing songs. Tonya on guitar and freestyle rap (she’s the one in the middle with the dark hair), Tuesday on snaps and you know me, always the loudest singer (I’m on the right with the lacy dress). I think I sing for all three of us.

Here is a recording of us from last night, that we only started recording halfway through, but you get the idea. This sounds nothing like our band typically does. Normally, we are so loud and I’m screaming, so this was a fun treat to strip it all down.

We were all getting itchy because we were being attacked by mosquitos. Somehow my blood was extra sweet and my skin began forming huge lumps from the bites and Tuesday can be heard swatting flies in between finger snaps. She was also developing bumps on her chest because she’s allergic to grass.

I’m not trying to brag, but we have more than skin sensitivities, all three of us have food sensitivities too. (I know, I know, it’s hard to keep the jealousy monster at bay!)

We are like an intoxicating evening with your favorite people. We’re the next morning when you’ve got bumps and bruises, but you don’t care, because you lived and loved it so hard.




This quote is one that Tonya and I recently wrote to try to describe our band. People have described us as super fun, with a lot of energy and power, so we thought this description might elude to that idea. Also, one time I broke my toe when Tonya and I were playing music together because we drank and smoked too much and I decided I needed to kick furniture out of the way to make more room for us to jam. I woke up with a crazy bruise the next day, so bumps and bruises are becoming part of our aesthetic. Also, we thought that night was so funny that we wrote a song called, “Smoke Blunts, Kick Furniture”.

You know you really love playing music with people when you stick around even when you’re having an allergic reaction.

With love and bruises,