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Shit Show!

Xmelt is an all female band. We are tired of the SHIT SHOW! We wrote a song after the Kavanaugh Hearings. It’s a familiar story.

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Taking Over

We did a fundraiser for a foundation that supports women and children experiencing domestic abuse. Here’s some video from that event.

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City Ghosts

We have a number of songs on our new album that are based on real life events. City Ghosts is a song about a broken relationship between friends, then you don’t see that person anymore. Until one day when you bump into that person and you both startle like you’ve seen a ghost. That is your City Ghost. We all have them.

This drawing was done by Brooke, Tonya’s sister and our new bandmate!

These are the lyrics:

Aha . . . Aha . . .
We lost each other to this dark energy
It was a hallow look, a cold vibe.
It’s our broken chemistry.
Tall buildings, dim doorways
Both jump and slip away.
My thoughts race.
My heart beats.
I tremble and retreat.
Aha . . . Aha . . .
Stuck in between,
too engrossed.
Frightening each other,
like city ghosts.
We’re stuck in between,
too engrossed.
Frightening eac...
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Music, Bumps and Bruises

Yesterday we had band practice, which was hot, but totally fun, as always. We were pretty tired afterward so we went to sit in the grass, to talk and we took a few photos. Then Tuesday, our drummer (the redhead) suggested that we play some songs that we’d never played before acoustically.

So we started singing songs. Tonya on guitar and freestyle rap (she’s the one in the middle with the dark hair), Tuesday on snaps and you know me, always the loudest singer (I’m on the right with the lacy dress). I think I sing for all three of us.

Here is a recording of us from last night, that we only started recording halfway through, but you get the idea. This sounds nothing like our band typically does. Normally, we are so loud and I’m screaming, so this was a fun treat to strip it all down.

We we...

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