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XMelt is the brainchild of Tonya Breaux and Jen Neitzel.  The band was originally called Melt, but there were too many bands with that name already, so after much consideration the band changed their name to XMelt, but the “X” is silent.

Tonya has spent much of her life song writing. Jen, on the other hand, was  brand new. The two began song writing together – completely inciting each other, constantly carousing with their creativity and pushing each other to try new, impassioned, outrageous ideas. Tuesday is the newest and loudest member of the band (she’s the drummer). With the added double kick bass pedal, Tuesday makes the band rock on a whole new level. Currently, Tonya and Jen write all of the original songs the band records and performs, Tuesday is very involved with the arrangement of the songs. In addition to making some seriously loud, melodic noise, their band practices involve copious amounts of kombucha and potato chips, which the ladies refer to as “potato chip inspiration”. The band’s music has been referred to as haunted gypsy rock, and hypnotic art rock, but that doesn’t explain their funkier songs.

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Tonya Breaux


A Louisiana native, who began playing guitar and song writing in her teens, Tonya has created countless songs with friends over the years. She started a band called Those Bottom Feeders, while living in Austin Texas. She might be small, but she makes up for it with a loud and crunchy guitar. Tonya is a firm believer in guitars turned up to 11. Now living in Portland Oregon, Tonya’s life is filled with singing, rapping, playing guitar with her band, working as bartender at Delta Cafe and smoking big, fat blunts. When she’s fixing or starting trouble Tonya goes by Latoya. Don’t mess with Latoya.


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 Jen Neitzel


She came out of the womb singing and has played many instruments over the years, but the ukulele is her first love, which she’s played for the last 4 years. Formerly, she was in a ukulele band called, The Fleas, before starting the band Melt with Tonya Breaux. Jen has overcome many health obstacles and is a bit of a health and fitness fiend, which she’s convinced makes her a more powerful singer. Jen loves almost all creative media and mediums, particularly sewing, crochet, knit, interior decorating photography and video editing. She has an obsession with spatial relations, knots and stitches of all varieties. When Jen isn’t jamming with her band, or raising a teenage son, she’s running an Airbnb out of her home.


Tuesday website

Tuesday Teal

When she was 8 years old she began playing drums. Some of her previous bands include – Your Momma, Mind Pollution, Dying inside a Ram’s Head, plus 5 years at the Portland School of Rock. Tuesday also moonlights as a photographer and took most of the headshots and photos on this site. Tuesday ups the loud quotient of XMelt x 5 and ends most practices with a few new bruises, by accidentally hitting her thighs in her enthusiasm to hit the drums. She has a flair for finding the hook of a song and is influential in the band’s song arrangements. She is also the momma of two fur babies of the dog persuasion. Tuesday spends most of her days working at her family-owned salon, called Teal Salon. When she isn’t working she’s going to metal shows with her boyfriend Chris and rocking out with her band, XMelt.

We changed our band name. Want to know why? More info here.